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How we do it.

First, select a "Jamtrack" you would like your new hire to complete. Jamtracks present a series of media & experiential prompts and questions to help your new hire share parts of their life stories & inspirations at a comfortable level of depth.

Once your new hire completes the initial Jamtrack, everyone on your team will receive an email introducing the new hire with an embedded copy of the Jamtrack. Other team members will be prompted to complete their Jamtracks if they haven't already. Everyone's Jamtrack will be available in your own private Welcome group instance.

Next, Welcome uses GenAI to produce an Employee User Manual for your new hire. We leverage our own proprietary autobiographical data, as well as an LLM trained on leading frameworks in social bonding, music cognition, emotional agility and personality assessments, to produce highly personalized & relevant employee user manuals.

Last but not least, our ChatGPT-enabled gift bot - Gifty - will analyze the Jamtrack(s) and email you a list of personalized welcome gift ideas based on your new hire(s) stories & inspirations.

Perfect blend of humanity & science.

average NPS from participants in the Welcome new hire experience


report an immediate increase in connection with teammates


report welcome as the most impactful onboarding experience ever


"I've never encountered a solution like Welcome that so effectively creates an immediate sense of belonging for the new hire, while also providing the leader a highly personalized & relevant employee user manual that leverages a perfect blend of humanity and science."

Alicia Mandel

Former chro - us olympic committee

former clo - appolo education

consultant – predictive index

Delivering happy outcomes.

new hire welcome

Increase in Psychological Safety

Creating a workplace culture of psychological safety among co-workers not only fosters open communication and creative problem-solving, but also leads to increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

new hire welcome

Sense of Belonging & Inclusion

Creating a sense of belonging and inclusion among co-workers is essential for building a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

new hire welcome

Heightened Collaboration

Collaboration among co-workers not only leads to a more productive and successful work environment, but it also fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that makes coming to work more enjoyable.

Improving organizational well-being.

new hire welcome

Reduce first 90-day voluntary turnover

According to Gallup, a strong sense of connection to one's co-workers and manager is a primary factor in reducing 90-day voluntary turnover, as it leads to increased engagement, satisfaction, and commitment to the organization.

new hire welcome
new hire welcome

Increase overall

According to SHRM, a strong culture and sense of connection within an organization can improve retention by promoting engagement, commitment, and satisfaction among employees, which in turn can lead to lower turnover rates.

new hire welcome
new hire welcome


According to Forbes, strong connections among co-workers can improve productivity by fostering a sense of trust, cooperation, and collaboration, which can lead to better communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

new hire welcome
new hire welcome


According to Harvard Business Review, strong co-worker bonds can increase eNPS by promoting a sense of belonging, engagement, and trust which can lead to higher levels of satisfaction, commitment and advocacy for the organization.

new hire welcome

Backed by science.

Dr. Matt Lieberman

Member - Anthym Science Advisory Council

"What Welcome is doing is really essential. Welcome has created a great way to help people really get to know and deepen the connections they have with the people they work with."

harvard - ph.d., psychology

director - ucla social cognitive neuroscience lab

author - social: why our brains are wired to connect

Dr. Allen Romano

Member - Anthym Science Advisory Council

"The current AI hype cycle is producing countless AI wrappers trained on the same LLMs. Welcome is unique because it owns proprietary autobiographical data that no other company in the world can match."

stanford - ph.d., classics

Thought Leader - NLP & LLMs

Mellon Fellow- University of Chicago

Dr. Elizabeth Margulis

Member - Anthym Science Advisory Council

"Music cognition research often explores the relationship between music & social bonding. It's exciting to link these ideas with applications like Welcome's aspiration to foster connections in the workplace & beyond."

Columbia University - ph.d.

director - Princeton Music Cognition lab

author - The Psychology of music

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